Down Country Roads
Down Country Roads—Crooked Timber/Slim Acres


Slim's grandson Scott Ryan is at work on a CD of songs based on poems selected from his grandfather's book Down Country Roads. The samples below are offered for your listening pleasure. They're fairly low-bitrate .mp3 files, not the full-resolution versions you'll get if you buy the CD—which of course also comes with full cover art, jewel case, and so forth. If you'd like to buy a copy, please contact Scott. (As of 28 May 2024, the CD is not yet completed; please contact us if you'd like us to keep you posted on its availability.)

Down Country Roads

Roas'n' Ears

I'm Always Startin' Somethin'

The Just Reward

My Whittlin' Stick

The Fisherman's Dream

The following are in production and these initial recordings include just voice and guitar:

When Pop Swatted Skeeters


Scott Ryan: vocals, acoustic lead and rhythm guitars, slide guitar, fretless bass, banjitar, mandolin, octave mandolin, percussion

The final CD is expected to include the following tracks as well (most of which are in progress and samples are forthcoming):

Wigglin' My Toes

Little Denim Overalls

My Friend Harry

The Sales Talk

Turnip Greens